Missional in Practice


What is missional living looking like for us these days?

It’s a cookout that we invite our neighbors to.  We provide the main dish-our guests provide sides. (Next month it will be an ice cream social.)

It’s taking walks around our neighborhood.  Greeting people.  Taking the time to strike up a conversation and not being in a hurry to get back home.

It’s spending time outside, when we’d rather be inside.

It’s going to the gym at the same time each week.  Going to the same classes in the hopes of meeting people.  Then being willing to strike up a conversation.

It’s going to the same grocery stores and restaurants in the hope of meeting employees.

Its going to the park and bringing our dog.  She’s an ice breaker.  She makes it a little easier to strike up a conversation.

It’s noticing when a house goes up for sale and a new neighbor moves in.  Then taking the extra step of bringing them a meal or some cookies. It’s looking for those baby announcement balloons and doing the same thing.

It’s volunteering with a few local organizations that work with poor people in our area.


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