Church Bells, Kroger, Vogelsberg Bakery and More…

It hasn’t been quite a month yet since we moved to Carrollton but here’s my list of the good, bad and ugly.

Things I like:

  • Church Bells that ring on the hour, every hour.  I just love hearing the church bells chime and I’m thankful that our home is close enough to the square to hear them.  It’s a bit nostalgic for me as it reminds me of my grandparents’ home.  They had a clock with the same chime and I always admired it as a child.  The most important thing it reminds me of though is to pray- to pray especially for the city and my neighbors.
  • Diversity.  I love the diversity of our neighborhood.  Old and young and in between.  Different races, different cultures, different backgrounds.  I long to see greater diversity in local churches.
  • Kroger Marketplace- ok, this one might seem a little weird BUT Carrollton has the coolest Kroger!  I’ve been told it’s the third largest in Georgia and it has all sorts of non-grocery store like stuff you wouldn’t find in a regular old grocery store.
  • Vogelsberg Bakery-those of you  who’ve been know what I am talking about-need I say more?  Alright, I will: fried pies, cookies, donuts, creme horns.  Crazy good!
  • No HOA!   I love not living in a covenant community. I definitely DO NOT miss having an HOA! I don’t care that I can see my neighbors discarded toilet out my back window or that my neighbors across the street leave their trash cans out all week.

Things I dislike:

  • Palmetto Bugs (aka roaches, but in the south we have to make bugs sound pretty!) which are much more prevalent in this house than our last house.  Ewww!  HATE those things!
  • Higher Poverty Rate:  The poverty rate in Carroll County is 20.2% versus the county (Coweta) we moved from which, according to my research, is at 12.7%.  Really though, this is a big reason why we wanted to move to this area.  It’s a sad statistic but we also see the absolute need for the Gospel to shine forth amongst the needy here.  We look forward to meeting and befriending the people behind the statistic.

Just a few little tidbits of information since moving.  I thought I’d share for anyone who has an interest in reading them.


A Commission to You and to Me

“When Jesus said, “As the Father has sent Me, I also send you” (John 20:21), the mandate was not for a select group of cross-cultural missionaries. It was a commission to you, to me, and to our churches. We have a sender (Jesus), a message (the gospel), and a people to whom we are sent (those in our culture). It is worth the effort to go beyond personal preferences and attractional methods to proclaim the gospel in our church services and outside the walls.” Ed Stetzer

Live Sent


“Because God by nature is a sender, it implies two simple ideas.  First, there is One who sends; and second, there are people to whom we are sent.  But, it is not that God just sends us anywhere; God sends us somewhere.  You are called and sent on mission; the only question is where and among whom.  It could be the Pokot in East Africa or to a cultural mosaic of urban Los Angeles.  We are called because we have a sender, but we also have a people to whom were are sent.  This is the reason we plant or lead so many diverse churches, because ultimately God is a sender by nature.  When you understand that God is a sender, you are simply responding to the character of God and His purpose for His world when you live sent.  And because you live sent, it means you will live and lead differently.”

Ed Stetzer

What would it look like for you to ‘live sent’?

For me, it’s waking up everyday to the view of the picture above and making a choice (however imperfectly) to befriend, love and serve my neighbors in the name of Jesus.

It means praying for my neighbors and neighborhood and those our family comes into contact with.  It means being intentional about getting to know them and befriending them.  It means seeing people as image bearers and valuing them as God’s precious creation.

Yes, I believe every Christian is sent somewhere to represent Christ.  My questions:  are we living as if we’ve been sent?  And once we realize we are sent–are we representing Him well?