Just Give Me Five Minutes With a Saint

“If you do not like the company of Christian people I cannot see that you can be a Christian at all.  ‘We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren.’  Is there anything on earth comparable to meeting with Christian people?  I would sacrifice everything the world has to offer to have five minutes with a saint!  What has the world to offer at its best and its highest, in all it palaces, and all its refinements, and all its art and literature, its everything, when you put it in the light of this– the fellowship of kindred and Christian minds, the children of God meeting together, talking together about the great deliverance, and about the new life, and the blessed hope that lies before them, talking about home, talking about the glory that is coming, happy together, facing the problems together, helping one another, strengthening one another, stimulating one another?  That is the joy of Christians living in community in the life of the church.  There is nothing like it as long as it is truly Christian.  Church membership does not of necessity give you that, morality certainly does not.  But when your church members are filled with the Spirit this is what follows; they have love, an interest in one another, a compassion, a desire to help, and are all together in a great and glorious spirit of conviviality praising the Lord, mingling their voice in song, and anticipating together what is yet in store for them!”

Martyn Lloyd-Jones  “Life in the Spirit In Marriage Home & Work” pgs 23-24


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